308 Rally.

Introducing the Ferrari 308 GTB

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The Maturo 308 Rally specification is developed to celebrate Ferrari’s indirect involvement in the Group 4 world rally championship. Created by engineer Giuliano Michelotto, the Ferrari 308 GTB is one of only two Ferrari’s to ever score WRC points. The Maturo 308 Rally specification enables one to experience the world of classic analogue rallying in a truly unique package.
Giuliano Michelotto

“... Giuliano Michelotto, the young engineer from Padova, had proved himself with the rally-specification Lancia Stratos and sought a new challenge: the Ferrari 308 GTB.”

17 years
of experiennce

2.000 hours
of development

build hours

build hours


The Ferrari 308 GTB was taken as a base by Michelotto and his team after his engineering work had proven successful with the Lancia Stratos. Granted by Il Commendatore at Ferrari, he was given Ferrari’s assistant through the “Clienti Assistenza” program. In total, only 11  Group 4 Michelotto bodied 308’s were made. Unlike many Ferrari race  initiatives, the 308 rally had not been hugely successful, nonetheless multiple national and international rally victories were recorded which only very few of the Tifosi are aware of because: who rally’s a Ferrari?!

Chassis & body

The original chassis is completely stripped, repaired, coated in a special epoxy primer and repainted inside and out. The structural rigidity of the chassis has increased remarkably due to the addition of a FIA approved roll cage and by welding through over 150+ spots. Moreover, the chassis is prepped to feature the iconic wide body flares of the Michelotto developed rally car.

Key specs
  • Increased stiffness and safety
  • Improved handling
  • Corrosion resistant


A completely rebuilt engine with Group 4 specifications including the revised injection which correlates to Michelotto’s main engine upgrade compared to the street version. Moreover, various parts of the engine are replaced by lighter, stronger and more precise components.

Key specs
  • Increased power output of 300+ hp
  • Group 4 spec engine with improved durability and reliability
  • Revised camshafts, valves, cylinder head, pistons, injectors and more. 
All specs


The Ferrari 308 Rally specification features a dog box gearbox with shorter gear ratios. Naturally, the gearbox housing and internals are reinforced providing blistering fast gear shifts, without the need to use the clutch under hard acceleration or braking. However, it’s not for the faint hearted…

Key specs
  • Lightened flywheel
  • High torque motorsport clutch
  • Reinforced internals and housing


The drivetrain of the Maturo Rally spec is completely different from that of the original street car. It features both front and rear plated limited slip differentials for ultimate cornering ability. The differential shafts and the drive shafts are replaced with Formula 1 derived special steel ones, capable of twisting at an angle of 40° without deforming. The result is a drivetrain that distributes the engine power more effectively whilst reducing the possibility of technical failures.

Key specs
  • Completely rebuilt differentials and drive shafts
  • Upgraded limited slip differentials, front and rear with new viscous center diff
  • Special differential shafts and driveshafts capable of twisting, instead of breaking


Like with the original Group 4 rally car, the brakes are controlled by a non-assisted pedal box system, made for true competitive rallying. Built in accordance with the FIA homologation. Additionally, when the situation (read: rally stage) calls for it: adjustments on the front and rear brake bias and brake pressure can be made by the driver with a rotary knob located in the cockpit.

Key specs
  • Pedal Box operated
  • Discs: 305mm front and rear
  • Hydraulic handbrake with separate cylinder 


Although using the same technology, the Ferrari 308 Maturo Rally spec features a much more developed suspension package than the original Group 4 rally car. Co-developed with Tractive, the ultimate, data proven rally set-up has been determined. This accommodates for a much better and more refined ride, whilst boosting the cars’ controllability and thus, its potential maneuvering speed.

Key specs
  • 4-way adjustable, homologated, with modern materials and fine tuning 
  • Reversed engineered Group B sway arms made from enhanced material
  • Full uniball set up suspension arms
All specs


The interior is rebuilt exactly according to the 1976 Group 4 Ferrari 308 GTB rally specification. Sitting down in the bucket seat and wrapping your hands around a steering wheel which highlights the prancing horse is like stepping into a time machine, taking you back to the iconic days of Group 4 rallying. 

Key Specs
  • Seating: FIA approved bucket seats
  • Dashboard Anti-Glare, flocked. Gauges, steering wheel and other details, like original
  • Rally Features: Full communication system,  fire extinguisher system, car jack, spare wheel, wheel gun, and more