The original Delta improved by today's knowledge and materials.

A full technical rebuilt

The love for the Lancia Delta excelled since its first Group A rally victories were recorded. Sales accelerated and the affection for Lancia’s five-door hatchback continued to grow. After the WRC successes and the official production stop in 1994, the Delta was overtaken by time, but not forgotten. 

The upkeep and running costs of the Delta unfortunately turned out to be above average, causing for the widely ranging conditions in which they can be found today. The Maturo Classic specification eliminates the known weaknesses, upgrades the technical aspects and exceeds the expectations of owning a 30-year-old icon.
In short, the Maturo Classic spec is a Delta made more reliable, robust and competent without any visual changes. Offering future driving pleasure, without past technical failures.


The chassis of the Lancia Delta was not specifically designed to cope with the forces of a 200hp engine combined with the superb grip levels achieved by the four-wheel drive system. This causes the chassis to flex, twist and eventually show cracks. Every Maturo spec is inspected on chassis damages, repaired and strengthened at key weak points with hardened Domex plating.

  • A full chassis rebuild can be offered, welding through over 250+ points. This is directly carried over from Maturo’s Stradale / Rally program. Mandatory when opting for the "ultimate" Classic spec, 340 hp and 450 nm torque.


The marvelous Lampredi designed 2-liter, 4-cylinder engine has proven to be competitive in the world of rallying. However problems like engine lubrication, timing belt malfunction and oil leakages are not uncommon, unfortunately. The Maturo Classic spec has a fully rebuilt engine eliminating these problems with all kinds of upgraded parts, depending on your spec. Currently we offer three engine rebuild levels: (1) Basic, (2) Performance and (3) Ultimate.

Key specs
  • Drastically improved reliability with improved power output, smoother delivery
  • Modern injection, motorsport ECU, new wiring harness
  • Spec depending power output gains ranging from 230 hp to max 340 hp. Contact us for the full spec list with pricing.


The original Lancia manual transmission has never been a strong feature. The gearbox was fundamentally too weak to cope with the forces that went through it. Therefore, the Maturo Classic spec receives a fully rebuilt, strengthened gearbox. The improvements are specifically engineered to maximize durability and to cope with the more powerful Maturo rebuilt engine.

Key specs
  • Improved internal materials
  • Enhanced durability
  • Tested to withstand greater engine power output 


The most iconic feature of every Lancia Delta Integrale is undoubtedly its 4-wheel drive system, providing excellent grip in any circumstance. However, the Maturo Classic spec receives fully rebuilt, upgraded differentials and driveshafts. Making the best part of the car even better. Many of the improvements are fueled by Maturo’s Stradale / Rally program.

Key specs
  • Fully rebuilt differentials front and rear with upgraded bearings, drive shafts and CV-joints
  • Upgraded viscous center differential
  • Upgraded differential shafts from F1 graded steel

Braking System

The original brake set up is fully rebuilt with specifically upgraded parts for improved stopping power and higher reliability. The appearance of the brakes is unaltered, the performance enhanced. This is perfectly in line with the Maturo Classic philosophy.
Optionally, our Rally proven performance braking system can be fitted. Sporting ventilated, 335mm front discs and 282mm rear with upgraded pads.

Key specs
  • New Brembo discs and improved brake pads
  • Upgraded brake calipers front and rear with improved pistons en new type seals
  • New master cylinder and new brake lines


The original suspension set up has always been a pleasant blend between sporty and relatively comfortable. Therefore, the Maturo Classic spec is an upgraded original suspension set up receiving multiple upgrades that improve on the established handling characteristics and more importantly, enhance its durability. Optionally, a high performance electronically adjustable suspension set can be fitted with ride height control.

Key specs
  • New shock absorbers and new springs
  • Upgraded polyurethane suspension bush set
  • Completely rebuilt steering rack


The Maturo Classics are untouched in terms of design and materials. However, every detail is carefully restored to near new condition. Where necessary, new OEM parts are fitted to bring the interior back its the factory standard. Additionally, alternative upholstery colours and materials can be selected to meet individual demands. Specific tailor made wishes can easily be fulfilled.