The iconic Lancia Delta Integrale, revisited.

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The Lancia Delta HF Integrale was built to serve as a base for Lancia’s monstrous Group A rally car. The Maturo Stradale specification is developed taking this iconic WRC Group A champion as its base. Adding countless technical developments, using advanced materials and revising many of the Italian 90’s automotive imperfections.
Juha Kankkunen
Brand Ambassador

“... with Maturo’s Stradale spec you get a Group A rally car disguised as a very handsome and exquisitely crafted road-going Delta.”

17 years
of experiennce

2.000 hours
of development

build hours

build hours


The original chassis is completely stripped, repaired, coated in a special epoxy primer and repainted inside and out. The structural rigidity of the chassis has increased remarkably due to the addition of a custom made roll cage and by welding through over 250+ spots at various weak points.

Key specs
  • Increased stiffness and safety
  • Improved handling
  • Corrosion resistant

Carbon Body

Perhaps one of the most disguised advancements of the Stradale specification is its full carbon fiber body. Lightweight, precise and incredibly strong. The fit and finish of the body panels is night and day compared to the original steel plated body, with its common variation in body panel gaps. It also puts an end to the corrosion problems of its original sheet metal body.

Key specs
  • Lightweight [saves about 50kg from total body weight]
  • Dimensional precision
  • Corrosion resistant


The engine is completely rebuilt to Group A specifications with additional technical advancements, surpassing the original Group A rally car’s performance and durability. The Stradale spec puts out at least 360hp and over 500 nm of torque. Various parts of the engine are replaced by lighter, stronger and more precise components. Additionally, a redesigned ECU made in house, enables the engine to deliver its full potential.

Key specs
  • Fully rebuilt, Group A spec engine with drastically improved durability and reliability
  • Revised Intake: Carbon airbox, enlarged intercooler and rebuilt original Garret Turbo
  • Modern injection, motorsport ECU and new wiring harness
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Strengthened 5-speed manual gearbox, revised and upgraded known weak gears. This eliminates the high probability of malfunctioning. Specifically developed to cope with the increase in engine power and to improve shifting performance. Rebuild done in house.


Dog-Leg gearbox with straight-toothed gear wheels. Providing blistering fast gear shifts, without the need to use the clutch under hard acceleration or braking. However, it’s not for the faint hearted. 


The drivetrain of the Maturo Stradale spec is completely different from the original street car. Both the front and rear differentials are upgraded to plated limited slip diffs for ultimate cornering ability. The differential shafts and the drive shafts are replaced with Formula 1 derived special steel shafts, capable of twisting at an angle of 40° without deforming. The result is a drivetrain that distributes the engine power more effectively whilst reducing the possibility of technical failures.

Key specs
  • Completely rebuilt differentials and drive shafts
  • Upgraded limited slip differentials, front and rear with new viscous center diff
  • Special differential shafts and driveshafts capable of twisting [instead of breaking

Braking System

The brakes are directly carried over from the Maturo Rally FIA HTP homologated spec. Controlled by a high feedback, non-assisted pedal box system which enables the driver to get the most out of the car’s braking performance without electronic interference. Made for true competitive rallying. When desired, adjustments on the brake pressure front and rear, can be made by the driver with a rotary knob mounted on the newly designed handbrake.

Key specs
  • Pedal Box operated
  • Discs: 330mm front - 282mm rear
  • Hydraulic handbrake with separate cylinder


The Maturo Stradale spec has a far superior suspension system than the original street car. Co-developed with Intrax, the Maturo stradale spec is equipped with state-of-the art, 4-way adjustable shock absorbers. This package is directly derived from Maturo’s Rally specced cars, which have successfully completed numerous competitive rallies. 

Key specs
  • 4-way adjustable shock absorbers : High speed / low speed / rebound / travel
  • ARC Technology: drastically reduces unwanted body roll
  • Optionally, a newly developed, hydraulically operated, ride height control system can be equipped


Familiar, sophisticated yet renewed. The interior is completely bespoke, built by hand and made out of wonderful materials that meet our present day desires. However, the main goal has consequently been to alter the interior with respect to the designs of both the original streetcar and the iconic Group A rally car. Resulting in a pleasant mix between the two.

Key Specs
  • Completely redesigned interior
  • Handmade upholstery and finish
  • Upgraded materials like carbon, titanium, anodised aluminum, leather and alcantara
All specs